Herpes Vaccine

Herpes is a very serious illness. Not just that, it is also very easily transmitted, putting every person at risk. Because of this, it can wreak havoc on a person's life.

People who are infected are often shunned and avoided -suffering the stigma of disease as much as the symptoms. The cause of this is fear: people who do not have the disease fear the infected. Truly, a Herpes vaccine can solve a huge amount of problems for people.

Why is a vaccine needed? For one thing, herpes isn't a curable ailment. All medicines available today are used to treat the symptoms of herpes, but can't do anything to cure the illness itself.

Because of this, people have to live with the reality of herpes daily. Also because of this, people know that preventing herpes is much better than attempting to cure it.

When it comes to prevention, there are various tips that doctors recommend instead of giving herpes vaccine. This includes limiting your sexual activity, wearing prophylactics and maintaining a healthy immune system. However, these tips aren't 100 percent guaranteed in herpes prevention.

However, a bright beam of light shines on the horizon: today, trials are being conducted on a new herpes vaccine. This vaccine will help adjust a person's immune system to cope with the threat of herpes.

One of the problems facing the drug, however, is that it isn't effective at all on men. Only women can benefit from the herpes vaccine.

This, however, can be a huge relief to both men and women, considering that herpes is most often spread through sexual contact. With a herpes vaccine for women, men with herpes no longer need fear spreading the disease. A man infected with the illness who's married to an uninfected woman can start getting his family life back.

A herpes vaccine helps dispel fear. After all, fear is what makes herpes so crippling to a person's social life. With a herpes vaccine on the way, people are able to take fear out of the equation and look at herpes as just another problem with a solution.

Herpes is a very serious illness. Not just that, it is also very easily transmitted, putting every person at risk. Because of this, it can wreak havoc on a person's life.

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