Cold Sores Signs

What causes cold sores in everyone is the herpes simplex virus, either type 1 or type 2.

Either type produces identical fever blister, cold sore or oral herpes sores. Type 1 is what causes cold sores about 80% of the time. Type 2 causes about 20% of the outbreaks.

Most of the time the herpes virus is asleep, deep in the roots of your facial nerves. 70% of those infected will have at least one cold sore attack in the next 12 months.

The herpes virus activates when it senses the opportunity. It moves along your nerve fibers to the surface of your skin. The virus will enter your surface cells and make them create new virus copies.

Once filled to capacity, or exhausted, the cells are eliminated. The new virus is released. The cold sore is created by the destruction of many cells at one time.

Yes – we know that the herpes virus is the root cause of all cold sores, fever blisters, and oral herpes outbreaks.

But, to prevent them, we must examine the conditions that causes cold sores to appear in some and not others.

Three main triggers produce the necessary environment to activate the herpes simplex virus in our bodies.


Your immunity to herpes virus depends on strong antibodies to keep the virus from taking control of your surface nerve cells. Powerful antibodies depend on certain critical factors.

The most important contributor to a strong immune system are the nutrients you get from your diet.

Do you have frequent cold sore events? It is a sure sign of lack of immune resistance.

First, you should consume more vegetables – preferably organically or locally grown. These provide the very best quality of vitamins and minerals.

Second, add a daily multivitamin to your diet. This can reduce frequency and duration of oral herpes for many folks. But stay away from cheap drug store vitamins.

Go to a store specializing in nutritional supplements. Buy a top quality product – or you will surely be disappointed.

Make sure it contains large quantities of B and C vitamins. They are very important but burn up quickly when you are under any stress. You need to replenish B and C every day.


Lysine and arginine are two amino acids that are essential for good health.

Arginine is the main protein needed to create new herpes virus. If the cell does not have enough arginine available, it cannot build new virus or make a new cold sore.

The cells have a specific storage area shared by both lysine and arginine. More lysine leaves very little room for arginine. And lysine does not support the virus creation.

High lysine foods, such as dairy products and fish, increases lysine and reduces arginine in your cells. Lysine capsules are great for a real boost. This therapy alone often reduces the number of cold sore outbreaks.


You are at your healthiest when your pH level is slightly alkaline. Your body will usually range from 5.5 (acid) to 7.5 (alkaline) with 7 being neutral.

Your body usually stays between 6.5 and 7.4. Dropping below 6.5, is inviting illness – including cold sore outbreaks.

The herpes virus will not have any success unless your body is acid. This creates lower oxygen levels and weaker immune system. Contributing factors causing an acid body include coffee, carbonated drinks, sugar and tobacco.

Also, cold weather causes an unhealthy acid level. Less exercise, lower intake of vegetables, less sunshine and outdoor activity all play a part in this too.

Avoiding acid producing items mentioned above will help. Eating more green vegetables, like asparagus, will help raise your pH levels. And there are formulas at the vitamin stores specifically designed to keep your pH at healthy levels. Adding additional calcium to your diet is great for this also.

These are the three basic problems that will encourage cold sore activity. Hopefully this short article has helped you understand – a little better – what causes cold sores in your life.

What causes cold sores in everyone is the herpes simplex virus, either type 1 or type 2.

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