genital herpes

Hsv 1 Genital Herpes

If you suspect you are suffering from male genital herpes, the first thing you should do would be to consult your doctor just to make sure you are effectively suffering from male genital herpes and not a rash. In the case you are effectively suffering from male genital herpes then you should at all cost avoid any sexual relations until you actually get rid of it.

You probably already know that male genital herpes is transmitted sexually. Whether its anal, oral or vaginal sex the chances to infect your partner are huge. So avoiding sex during this period is a must.

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genital herpes

Genital Herpes Statistics

When statistics regarding genital warts are reported various terms and figures are used. One of these is the term ?prevalence of genital warts.? This term refers to the estimated number of people who are managing various stages of genital warts at any given time. Another oft used term is ?incidence of genital warts.? This term refers to the number of cases of genital warts diagnosed within a given time period. The health department issues statistical figures as a matter of routine.

The incidence of genital warts annually in USA is around one million cases. The incidence rate is estimated to be approximately one in 272, which roughly works out to about 0.37% of the population.

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herpes symptoms in men

Hpv Symptoms Men

HPV warts in men are caused by the human papiloma virus, also commonly called the papiloma virus for short. There is no cure for the virus, however you can rid yourself of the symptoms. If you think you have genital HPV warts, you can get a self diagnosis by looking at pictures online, or you can go to the doctor if you are doubtful to get a professional medical diagnosis. Its very important for your sexual health and health overall to get a treatment for your HPV warts as soon as possible because if left untreated, the warts can spread rapidly throughout your genital and anal regions.

HPV warts in men are not fatal, but they are an unsightly nuisance. They are usually flesh colored raised bumps and can appear on the head, underneath the head, or on the shaft of the penis. They can be single raised bumps that are flaky, or clusters, almost cauliflower like groups of wart growths. You need to refrain from sexual activity until you get treated because you can easily spread the warts to your partners through sexual contact. There is nothing that should be stopping you from getting treatment since there are many treatments available online, or can be prescribed by a doctor.

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